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Crysiline 1.2

On the soft quilted leaves beside me, Ama was still. Her breathing was soft, yellow shone through her eyelids and tendrils of dark hair curled around her. Shards of coloured light hit her skin through the distorted crystal windows. I sighed. This was the last time we would share a room together just as best friends with no politics involved. It was completely quiet in the Crystal houses; everybody was asleep – apart from me. Normally, people took turns to sleep – there was never enough light to distinguish between night and day so we worked throughout both. But tomorrow was an important day, and everyone would be needed.

Silently I rolled my leaf away from me feeling the sting of the cool air and checked that nobody had stirred before climbing down the ladder, out of the Crystal house and on to the mossy forest floor. The noise instantly engulfed me, chirps, squeals, rustling, roars, echoes, wails, creaking, buzzing. Careful not to step on the plants that slept on the ground, I made my way to the Biggest Lake – the one which marked the edge of Naidis. Across that lake were the rocks which nobody dared venture close to; we often heard the cracks and rumbles of them tumbling down.

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Crysiline 1.1

Here is the first part of the story I promised.. I edited it from the original which was short, sketchy and rushed in my excitement to get to the good part. I’ve created most of this from scratch today, but I think this is near enough to how I want it.

We live in a small village on the edge of the third layer of our planet Naidis. Our homes no longer face out onto the falls as they used to, for our Ancestors piled heavy rocks in the grooves along the edge, far higher than the loneliest clouds, blocking out the suns but also, the Others. The rocks are immovable, as they have been sharpened to slice the skin and removing one will result in the rest smashing down, killing instantly. There is not much light down here. What little we have comes from the craters in the floor of the layer above, the Fourth Layer, and it shines down like spot lights in every bright colour imaginable. There are plenty of life forms, but none like that of the Old World my ancestors came from. Our Layer, Crysiline, is mainly deep forest, filled with the sounds of trickling water, swaying branches, the chattering of the Moving Creatures and the waving of the heat. Our plants grow happily in the dark. They grow into tall trees, higher than the tallest mountain, their leaves always a deep, beautiful red and glistening from their sweat as our layer fluctuates in heat intensity. Others become great flowers, as tall as they are wide, decorated in mysterious patterns, shapes and shades. Some grow slender limbs covered with soft, light feathers allowing them to fly through the forests, planting seeds for future generations. And all are conscious. I have lived here my entire life, but I know that one day, things will change for me. I can feel it.

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