Someone’s Jumpy.

28 Nov

Last night I was determined to finish reading 1Q84, so I skimmed it. I hate doing that, but I reeeeeally wanted to know what happened, and who the Little People were and if Aomame and Tengo ever met. So I did, and no good came of it. The book ended and I was no closer to understanding what was going on.

It left me with a sense of fear of the world around me, a feeling that you never know who’s out there, waiting for you. I knew I had some work to finish off, but I didn’t do it. I felt the pressing need to get the last installment urgently.

So I pulled on my coat, grabbed my key and phone and went downstairs. As soon as I got outside, I felt the refreshing cool air and was glad that I’d left the house- I hadn’t realised how warm it was in there. Quickly unlocking my bike, I wheeled it out from the tangled mess of bike metal, flicked the lights on and began to ride.

It was very dark out, even though it was just half past seven. The street lamps were on but they gave the road a deserted and ominous atmosphere. They weren’t bright, so large shadows were cast on the bushes behind, creating a deep, dark black space.

I cycled as fast as I could along the deserted street, past the creepy Historical building, the Theatre, the Music Hall and round the corner to the centre of the Village. The centre is never lit, but behind it lies a large Museum which has street lamps attached to the sides giving off an eerie glow. As I cycled as fast as I could through the cold, I saw it. A silhouetted figure sprinting, but faster than I’d ever thought possible. I was sure they were male, but he was small and his legs moved with incredible speed in the direction I was travelling, his head turned in my direction. I swerved round and raced to the library entrance, jumping off and not even bothering to lock up my bike. It felt as though there was something sinister out there, waiting for me.

I shoved open the heavy oak doors and there infront of me was a huge figure, shrouded in darkness. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loudly in my life. The lights slowly flickered on. A man stood in front of me looking very emebarrassed.

‘Err sorry- didn’t mean to scare you,’ He said, before shuffling off.

I don’t think my heart’s been the same since.

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Posted by on November 28, 2011 in Stuff That Happens


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